To download the Evergreen Content Poster, you can visit the product page and click on the Free Download button. Here you can fill in the address of your WordPress website and it will open the backend of your WordPress installation ready to install the plugin.

This link will always have the most current version of the plugin, should you ever need to download it again.

Somehow it doesn’t open your WordPress backend?

In some browsers, the refresh into your WordPress backend doesn’t fully automatically work. In that case, you can either download the zipfile directly here. Or alternatively, you can install the Evergreen Content Poster directly from your site’s dashboard by searching for “Evergreen Content Poster” in your plugins tab.

Installing the Evergreen Content Poster

Once you’ve downloaded, simply login to your WordPress install and navigate to Plugins > Add New > Upload and upload the zip file. If you want to install it straight from the WordPress plugin directory search for “Evergreen Content Poster” via Plugins > Add New.

Don’t forget to activate the plugin after installation.

Installing the Evergreen Content Poster in a multisite environment

  1. Log in to your primary site and go to "My Sites:" > "Network Admin" > "Plugins"
  2. Install the plugin following one of the above ways
  3. Network activate the plugin

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